Join us in performing holiday favorites from the comfort of your own home! All you need is a laptop or smartphone to record video with, and you can join us in rehearsing and recording two virtual choir videos. 

The deadline to sign up has passed, please contact us at if you have any questions.

Rehearsal Materials

Download the notated versions of the two pieces we will be singing together here:

The Holly and the Ivy | Coventry Carol

Practice tracks for each piece are also available, and can be used to rehearse your part at home. You will also use these tracks when you record your video. CLICK HERE to find the practice tracks for all parts, including piano-only tracks.

Festive Singing: Rehearsal 1

Festive Singing: Rehearsal 2

Festive Singing: Rehearsal 3

Festive Singing: Rehearsal 4

Click here to view the rehearsal notes from our October 13 rehearsal.


To record your track for the video, you just need a smartphone or laptop that can record video, and headphones to listen to the conducting video.

CLICK HERE for more detailed instructions and further details about recording and submitting your video. 

All videos are due by November 6.