Festive Singing Recording Instructions

Festive Singing Recording Instructions

To record your track for the choir video, you will need the following: 

  • Two devices: one to watch the conducting video and one to record yourself singing.
  • Earbuds or headphones so only you can hear the conducting video. 
  • A plain background and good lighting. 

Preparing to record:

  • One person per video, please!
  • Make sure you have good lighting, with a light or window in front of you and not much light behind you. 
  • Try to wear dark clothing without bright or loud patterns. Festive accessories are welcome.
  • Eliminate as much background noise as possible. Close any open windows, turn off A/C, etc. 
  • Please record in landscape mode if you are using a phone to record your singing. 
  • Maintain “concert posture” while you are not singing and for several beats after the music ends, as your video will be on screen for the duration of the pieces. Imagine we are singing in front of a live audience! 
  • Use the recording to practice. Sing the song enough that you are able to complete the entire piece confidently. You may need to practice this several times before you attempt recording!
  • You will need one device to play and watch the conducting video.
    Best option: this should be a computer with either headphones or earbuds. 
  • Your second device will make the recording.
    Best option: this should be a phone set in landscape mode if possible.

Recording Process:

  1. Set your “device one” (your computer, phone or tablet) to play the video through your headphones. It is very important that only you can hear the conducting video. 
  2. Set your “device two” (best if it’s a phone) to video recording. Place the phone, in landscape mode, at eye level using a shelf, tripod, or by asking another person to hold the phone. Aim to have most of your torso in frame. 
  3. First tap to start recording on your phone or recording device. 
  4. Second tap/play the conducting video. Important: you will hear the click track start. Clap in frame on the first beat of the third measure. This will make it much easier to sync audio and video with the entire choir. 
  5. Sing the whole song, and stop the recording when you have finished. Please don’t stop recording until after the conducting video is finished. 
  6. Repeat the process if you don’t like the results!


  1. Once you have finished recording, name your tracks in this format: Song title_First and Last Name_Voice part. For example: Coventry Carol_Sandra Files_Soprano. 
  2. Submit your video by filling out this Google Form

Repeat the process for both songs, and you’re all done! If you need help with the recording or submission process, please reach out to us. 

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